Optometry Services

At Groovy Glasses, we specialise in optical frames and sunglasses, as well as eye health services. Our frame gallery and optometry practice is like no other!

Prepare yourself for a unique experience when visiting us!

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Specialised Eyecare

Eye exams

Our highly skilled and experienced optometrists perform eye exams to assess vision and eye health. Did you know that it is recommended you get your eyes tested every 1 – 2 years? Even if you have perfect vision, you may still be at risk for eye diseases.

Prescription glasses

We use one of the best lens manufacturers in the world – Zeiss. Our frames are timeless and bold and focus on uncovering all your groovy looks! With our mantra, “no boring specs allowed”, we believe that glasses should be fun and fabulous! We’re guaranteed to find you frames for every occasion.

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Look after your eye health with our help. As a one-of-a-kind optometry practice in Christchurch, we prioritise eyecare and provide personalised, solution-based treatments.

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