• Anna-Marie_Optometrist_Christchurch

    Anna-Marie – Optometrist

    Hi! I’m Anna-Marie.

    I love being an optometrist as it combines my creative side with healthcare. Eye health is paramount to me, but just as important as the person behind the eyes. I love that the right pair of glasses can reflect our personalities. I’m drawn to colour and shiny things so it’s hard not to love the entire selection at Groovy.

    I moved back to Christchurch to be closer to family, after practising in Taupo for the last few years. Aside from eye health, I’m a very crafty person and enjoy learning new skills to add to the repertoire. I love to travel, and have a BA in Modern Language Studies and Linguistics which has helped me get around the world!

  • Debbie_Stuart_Optician

    Deb – Practice Manager & Senior DO

    Hi I’m Debbie Stuart.

    Bring me your warped glasses and I might just perform a miracle! Just call me Groovy’s own superwoman. I love being part of the Groovy team. To me Groovy is all about stepping out of the box – life is much too short to wear boring glasses!

    And if you see me and my collection of glasses, you’ll know I’m not just saying this. I have too many pairs to choose one favourite (owning three special glasses cases that hold 5-12 at a time). As with all of us at Groovy, I have a (clean) secret or two: in addition to being a qualified Dispensing Optician in New Zealand and the USA, once upon a time I wrote romance novels!

  • Liz_Taylor_GG_Optician

    Liz – Senior Dispensing Optician 

    Hi, I’m Liz!

    If I had an optometry superpower, it would be to turn people I meet into Groovers (that’s raving fans of Groovy Glasses)!

    I personally own six pairs of glasses, my favourite pair being my theo Eyewitness YA Fluro Orange and Blue. Come to think of it, if I had to be a pair of glasses, I would most definitely be a Theo frame: round and quirky.

    Trying to spot me in the store? My friends and family describe me as kind, generous and practical.

    And of course I’ll be the one wearing theos!

  • Karen_H_Christchurch Optican

    Karen – Eyewear Specialist

    Hi! I’m Karen.

    I love our wonderful customers (those that keep coming back – and those who are just discovering us). If I had a superhero costume, it would most likely involve my neon pink and grey theos… or my Francis Klein cat eye glasses with diamanté.

    More interested in the superpower that goes with the outfit? Well it’s to magic people into a fantastic pair of groovy glasses of course – taking them out of their comfort zone and making them feel just marvellous! I love a good chat on any given day. Want to know a wee secret? I’ve been in the optical industry for over 45 years now and still love what I do.

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