Eye examinations

At Groovy Glasses, we prioritse your eye health beyond just checking your vision. Our comprehensive eye assessments delve into detecting various eye conditions and diseases using cutting-edge technology. Remember, good vision doesn't guarantee healthy eyes. Regular assessments are vital to detecting and treating any issues early, ensuring optimal eye health for the long term.

However, many eye diseases and conditions are preventable and treatable if caught in time. The key is regular eye assessments to ensure your eyes are healthy. 


Each eye assessment lasts 50 minutes, and includes:

Visual acuity test

This measures how well you can see at different distances.

Refraction test

Determines your prescription for glasses or contact lenses.

Eye muscle movement exercises

Checks for problems with eye movements and coordination.

Slit-lamp examination

Uses a microscope to examine the front of your eye, including the cornea, iris, and lens.

Dilated eye exam

This involves using eye drops to widen your pupils, allowing the doctor to see the inside of your eye and check for any signs of disease or damage.

Our practice is fully equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic technology:

  • Corneal topographer

    Used to map the eye for custom-made contact lenses, keratoconus diagnosis, laser vision assessments, and orthokeratology.

  • Visual field assessments

    These assessments stimulate the optic nerve to ensure proper firing of signals and detect eye diseases and brain conditions.

  • OCT retinal scanner

    Optical coherence tomographer - This tool aids in diagnosing and treating glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other diseases.

  • Back of eye (retinal) photography

    Our advanced technology provides a wider view of your retina, offering more information about signs of eye diseases in your peripheral vision.

  • Front of eye photography (anterior ocular photography)

    This assesses the front of the eyes, documents sun damage, identifies unusual lumps, and serves as a valuable tool for patient education.


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Remember, your eye exam is similar to a warrant of fitness, but for your eyes – if you keep on top of it and come in every one to two years, hopefully you’ll get all the boxes ticked but if not, at least you are onto the problem and it will be managed promptly by the experts!

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