Buying sunglasses from an optometrist

Buying sunglasses from an optometrist

Winter is in full swing, but don’t forget that your peepers still need some protection from those sneaky sun rays. Sure, you can find cool shades just about anywhere these days, whether it’s in stores or online. But there’s a pretty solid argument for why buying your sunglasses from an optometrist like Groovy Glasses is the better choice.

1. Expertise that’s on point

When you head over to an optometry practice, you’re dealing with pros who know their stuff. These folks specialise in eye care and have loads of knowledge and experience under their belts. They’ll assess your eye health needs and recommend sunglasses that give you primo protection against harmful UV radiation. Need a hand picking out the perfect lens tint, polarised or non-polarised options, or UV filters tailored to your lifestyle? You’ll get professional advice that’ll help you make an informed decision that combines style and keeping your peepers in top shape.

2. Prescription perfection and adjustments

If you wear prescription glasses or have specific vision requirements, fear not! We can get sunglasses that are tailor-made just for you. By partnering with one of the best lens brands in the world – Zeiss – we’ll get sunnies incorporates your prescription into the frames, ensuring your vision stays crystal clear and comfy. We’ll take your measurements, consider the lens curvature, and tweak the frame to fit your face like a glove. When you’re buying sunglasses from an optometrist, you’re in for personalised eyewear that takes care of your vision needs while giving your eyes the protection they deserve from those pesky UV rays.

3. Quality eyewear

One of the best parts of snagging sunglasses from an optometry practice is the guarantee of quality and authenticity. We carry top-notch brands and trusty manufacturers, giving you a range of shades that are legit and meet industry standards. So you can rest easy knowing that the sunglasses you buy actually deliver on the promised UV protection and are crafted from durable materials that’ll last you a good while. Investing in authentic shades not only takes care of your eye health but also makes sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

4. Stellar after-care and goodies

At Groovy Glasses, we seriously take pride in our after-care game. You’ll score some lens wipes, lens spray, and a top-notch lens cloth to keep those shades looking sharp. And the best part? You can pop by anytime for free adjustments, tightening, or a thorough cleaning and no extra cost.

This winter, don’t settle for anything less than the best for your eyes. Swing by Groovy Glasses for all your sunglasses needs. Trust us, your peepers will thank you!