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The Trudy – a frame close to our hearts!

The Trudy

Well how do you like this, groovers? It’s not every day that a brand decides to name something after you… Introducing the “TRUDY” design!

The lovely Australian frame designer, Paul Taylor, has designed a frame especially for our founder.

Keeping her in mind, Paul Taylor has designed something incredibly unique and special. “For the love of eyewear and for the love of a remarkable Optometrist Trudy Mcbeath in Christchurch New Zealand“.  Quirky, bold and exuding an uncompromising abundance of unreserved expression… an abstract heart shape with a cat’s eye twist!

“It is an honour to have a frame named after me“, said Trudy, who favours these frames fitted as sunglasses. This frame is a LIMITED EDITION Black Label design that has been produced in eight striking contrasting colours and is a combination of stainless steel and acetate.

We just love their unique style – and the fact that Trudy has made such an impact on a designer! Come check it out in-store.

Groovy Glasses and Trudy

Trudy founded Groovy Glasses in 1999. The store and her became an icon in the city! This is her view on the foundation of Groovy Glasses:

  1. To change the purchase of glasses and process of having your eyes examined from being a negative experience into being a positive, creative, experience – in other words to make it fun.
  2. To restore a historic building to its former glory and put it to good commercial use. We decided to go against the trend of making professional offices look as modern as possible, and instead to go back in time to an olde worlde (Art Deco) atmosphere, choosing something from the past which epitomised great style.
  3. To make a workplace as much like a home as possible, for both the workers and the clients. We were aware that many people get nervous at the idea of a visit to professional rooms. We decided therefore to create a welcoming atmosphere using such things as jazz music, complimentary sweets, original artworks and fresh flowers each week. The bottom line being that if a third of your life is spent at work, why not turn it into a place that makes you feel good about being there?