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Our Eyewear Brands – Check the Specs

We are proud of our eyewear brands at Groovy Glasses. We hand pick each frame from globally recognised designers.


Our eyewear brands - theo

Yes, theo Eyewear does bright colour so very well. There’s just something about those Belgian designers – why wear beige, when you can use colour to feel joyful instead?

Anne et Valentin

Anne et Valentin glasses
Anne et Valentin frames

This lovely crystal pale blue & pink frame sells well because the colour is soft, yet the shape is bold. It also comes in darker colours for those who want a stronger look. Worn in the Winter it creates a nice crisp look; in the Summer it works well with a floral frock. It’s a win-win!

l.a. Eyeworks

Our eyewear brands - l.a. Eyeworks
l.a. Eyeworks

Here we have a cheeky frame from the ladies in Los Angeles, suitable for someone with a black bob and blue eyes who loves to look over her specs with a naughty little sparkle in her expression… our eyewear brands are cheeky aren’t they?!

Tom Ford

Tom Ford Eyewear
Tom Ford Glasses

Classic, retro styles that suit most guys and this brand is worn by Colin Firth, so how can it be wrong?


Our eyewear brands - MOSCOT
MOSCOT glasses

Retro shapes and colours from 1920’s New York. run by a good Jewish family over five generations. Worn by celebrities such as Paul Rudd and Demi Moore.

Garrett Leight

Our eyewear brands - Garrett Leight
Our eyewear brands - Garrett Leight

Here we find the classic tortoiseshell round glasses, the style being made popular by John Lennon. This model comes in gold, silver, black with gold and various shades of tortoiseshell. If they are wearing John Lennon glasses, you can assume the person is interesting and attractive until proven otherwise!

Francis Klein

Our eyewear brands - Francis Klein
Francis Klein glasses

A beautiful, elegant frame, black with sparkly pink highlights & subtle diamantes. It comes in many different colours & is our best selling Francis Klein. Just lovely…


Our eyewear brands - Vinylize
Vinylize glasses

A new concept from a company in Budapest – eyewear made from recycled vinyl records!