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Recycle Old Glasses

We may be seen as ‘clean and green’ by the rest of the world, but New Zealand has a lot of recycling problems. So the least we can do is recycle your old glasses for you.

According to Recycle, approximately 252,000 tonnes of plastic waste is disposed of in NZ landfills each year (based on 8% of 3.156 million tonnes of waste to landfill). That’s a whole lot of plastic…and at Groovy, we really want to make a difference to improve on this.

Recycle old glasses

The good news for you? You can now recycle your old glasses with us!

We’ll refurbish and pass them on to those who need them most.

It’s an unfortunate reality, but we live in a world of plastic. Plastics are affordable, light, strong and highly pliable materials – their versatility has enabled the mass manufacturing of innovative and advanced products in all sectors of society. Their use in optometry has helped reduce infection risks and improve patient care. It’s a lot of positives, but with it, some negatives. So, with Lions Clubs New Zealand, we’re excited to launch our Recycle Program – specifically designed to minimise the amount of waste we generate.  

A donation box can be found in-store at Groovy Glasses to drop off your unwanted glasses. If they’re still in good condition, we’ll order new lenses and donate them to Lions Clubs New Zealand. 

Lions Clubs throughout New Zealand have their Recycle For Sight programme, collecting unwanted spectacles. Frames collected are then sent to processing centres. Here they are sorted, checked for scratches and cracks, and screws tightened before being thoroughly cleaned. The prescriptions are recorded and the glasses are packed for delivery to Volunteer Ophthalmologist Services Overseas (VOSO) for distribution to those with poor eyesight in the Pacific Islands.

VOSO consists of teams of eye surgeons, optometrists and eyecare workers who visit the isolated communities and bring enhancement to the lives of hundreds of people annually. The project has provided over 80,000 pairs of glasses which would have a replacement value in excess of $15 million. And it’s not only prescription wear – sunglasses are also a useable item for the Islands particularly after cataract operations. 

Our hope is that, by doing something small, we will make a big impact. Not only by helping you, but helping communities in need. Plus giving the planet a break while we are at it!