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Introducing the OCT machine at Groovy Glasses

Optometrist using OCT scan

We are very excited to introduce you to our new OCT machine! This is an advanced machine that takes 3D scans of the different structures in your eye.

The use of an OCT machine is now part of clinical standards of care. We most commonly use the OCT for scanning your optic nerves (to help rule out glaucoma) and macula (for detecting changes to your central vision in the retina) but we can also scan your cornea and even measure the length of your eyeball! Woah! 

Having a routine OCT scan as part of your eye exam allows us to pick up fine changes in your eye health earlier. This will soon be part of all comprehensive eye examinations at Groovy Glasses and we are ecstatic about being able to provide this service for you.

Contact us for more information or book your eye exam online.

Here are some examples of what the OCT scans look like: