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Introducing the Trudy!

Well how do you like this, groovers? It’s not every day that a brand decides to name something after you… 

Introducing the limited edition, “TRUDY” design! The lovely Australian frame designer, Paul Taylor, has designed a frame especially for our Trudy.

Keeping her in mind, Paul Taylor has designed something incredibly unique and special. “For the love of eyewear and for the love of a remarkable Optometrist Trudy Mcbeath in Christchurch New Zealand“.  Quirky, bold and exuding an uncompromising abundance of unreserved expression… an abstract heart shape with a cat’s eye twist!

“It is an honour to have a frame named after me“, said Trudy, who favours these frames fitted as sunglasses. The “Trudy” is a LIMITED EDITION Black Label design that has been produced in eight striking contrasting colours and is a combination of stainless steel and acetate.

We just love their unique style – and the fact that Trudy has made such an impact on a designer!