Who now owns Groovy Glasses?

John and Danielle Winstone are the owners of OCULA, and now Groovy Glasses. Danielle is an experienced optometrist and they are both well-known in the industry. You may have seen their clinic and retail stores in Merivale, Queenstown and Wanaka.

Will it still be called Groovy Glasses?

Yes! John and Danielle want to stay true to the Groovy Glasses character and brand and the name is a key part of it.

Will Groovy Glasses move?

No, there’s no plans to move the store. New Regent Street is the perfect wee home for Groovy Glasses, and following several disruptive post-earthquake years, Groovy Glasses is happy and very comfortable right where it is!

Will Trudy still be around?

Yes! Trudy will be available as an optometrist on Saturdays, and will also continue to fashion the practice with striking window displays and other essential things that keeps Groovy Glasses, well, groovy.

Will Liz, Debbie and Karen still be around?

Yes, your familiar Groovers will still be here, including Richard Faloon-Cavender (optometrist) too. There will also be some new and very friendly faces around the place.

Will I still be able to buy beautiful eyewear?

Without a doubt. Groovy Glasses is a long-standing, renowned destination for unique eyewear and it is the intention of John and Danielle to only build on this strong foundation. The current eyewear collections will be continuing, with some new and very exciting ranges being introduced this year! Be sure to be kept up-to-date with eyewear events and new range releases by heading to https://groovy.co.nz/sign-up/